14-15 November 2023

Narcissus, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Logistics & Supply Chain Summit SAUDI ARABIA

14-15 November 2023: Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Day 1 | 14th November 2023

  • 0845

    Registration & Coffee

  • 0900 - 1000

    KSA Supply Chain Leadership Panel

    • The Future of Supply Chain
    • Pandemic, War - Impact of Geopolitical Risks on Supply Chain
    • Forex volatility and rising import costs on Supply Chains
    • Work from home, The Great Resignation – the workforce challenges
    • Supply Chain Risk Management: What’s the Next unpredictable…
    • Successful Strategies for Building End-to-End Collaboration Post Pandemic
    • Sustainability, Circular Economy, Net Zero and Supply Chains
  • 1000 -1100

    Supply Chain Planning Leaders Panel

    • Supply Chain Planning for Business Resilience
    • Is IBP the way forward
    • Implement Sales and Operations Execution (S&OE) to Improve Short-Term Planning
    • Partner With Your Key Suppliers Now to Mitigate Materials Planning Risks of the Future
    • Connecting Finance & S&OP for Superior Business Performance
    • Connecting S&OP With Sales & Operations Execution (S&OE) to ensure there are no gaps
    • Benefits of bringing Life Cycle Management Into S&OP With Product Reviews
    • Incorporating continuous improvement tools into IBP & S&OP
  • 1110 – 1115

    Networking & Refreshments

  • 1115 - 1215

    Forecasting & Analytics Leaders Panel

    • The Role of Predictive Analytics, Machine Learning & AI in Demand Planning & Forecasting
    • Analytics, Data Management, & Improving Forecast Accuracy
    • Are You Ready for Demand Planning 2.0? Crossing the Threshold into the New Era of Forecasting
    • Have Data But No Insight? Transforming Your Supply Chain Data Into Business Intelligence
    • Generating Forecasts Quickly & Efficiently With Lean Forecasting
    • AI Powered Forecasting to Drive Cross Functional Processes
  • 1215 - 1315

    Supply Chain Digitalisation & Technology Leaders Panel

    • Data-based Supply Chain Optimization
    • How To Optimize S&OP through Technology
    • Selecting the best Control Towers
    • Transport Optimization
    • Moving from an Order-Based Model to An Agile Demand-Driven Supply Chain Through E2E Supply Planning Transformations
    • Curating Supply Chain Master Data For IOT And Blockchain Success
    • Reaching New Connectivity Milestones For Real-Time Supply Chain Signals
    • Using AI To Grasp And Predict Consumer Demand Patterns
  • 1315 - 1400

    Networking & Lunch Break

  • 1400 - 1500

    Procurement Leaders Panel

    • Supplier Risk Management — The Key to Unlock Value Beyond Savings
    • The Evolution of Procurement Analytics
    • Possible Steps to Bring Your Suppliers Along in Your Sustainability Journey
    • Supplier Performance Management
    • How do you unlock supplier-driven innovation to address both tactical and strategic challenges?
  • 1500 - 1600

    Warehouse Leaders Panel

    • Managing Impact of Demand Fluctuations on Warehouse Performance
    • Managing Reverse Logistics Challenges to Ensure Your Warehouse Maintains Good Inventory Control and Operational Efficiency
    • Streaming Analytics for Real Time Warehouse Decision Making
    • Get Near-Perfect Inventory Accuracy with Cycle Counting in a Cloud Warehouse Management System
    • Overcoming the Challenges Associated with Segmented Supply Chain Processes & their Impact on Warehousing
  • 1600 - 1615

    Networking & Refreshments

  • 1615 - 1715

    Distribution & Fulfilment Leaders Panel

    • Distribution Automation – Challenges, Solutions and Potential Outcomes
    • Complex Multi-Channel Order Fulfilment from a Single DC
    • Multi-Source Fulfilment Where Sites and Formats are Varied
    • Is Centralizing Customer Fulfillment the Right Design for Your Business?
    • How Can Lack of Inventory Visibility and Metrics Impact your DC Efficiency
  • 1715 - 1815

    Last Mile & Fulfilment Leaders Panel

    • How Urban fulfillment is becoming an important part of Supply Chain Strategy
    • The Future of Returns Management is Returns Reduction
    • Leveraging Post + Parcel to Strengthen the Middle Mile
    • Green Last Mile Delivery with EV Fleets and Intelligent Transportation Management System (TMS)
  • 1815

    Closing remarks and End of Conference Day 1

Day 2 | 15th November 2023

  • 0845

    Registration & Coffee

  • 0900 - 0945

    Manufacturing SCM Leaders Panel

    • Demystifying Smart Manufacturing in the “New Normal”
    • Value Chain Optimization for Manufacturing: Driving Business Results in the New Normal
    • S&OP Planning in a Global Manufacturing Company
    • Achieving Operational Excellence On The Factory Floor
    • Preparing for Long Term Manufacturing Business Resiliency
  • 0945 - 1030

    Automotive Logistics Leaders Panel

    • E2E Visibility, Predictive and Intelligence Response
    • Freight Network Management
    • Customer-Centric Vehicle Logistics: The Customer is Always Right
    • Finished vehicle network design & optimization
    • Automotive parts e-commerce logistics
    • After sales and service parts logistics Innovation
    • The new electric vehicle supply chain
  • 1030 - 1115

    Chemicals & Petrochemical Leaders Panel

    • Localisation programmes focusing on diversifying and supporting the region’s economic growth
    • In-House vs. Outsourcing – Which Approach Yields the Most Optimized and Risk-Proof Supply Chain
    • How to build truly sustainable supply chains whilst keeping costs under control?
    • How to ensure and enforce transparency across the supply chain?
    • Predictive Analytics – How Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Can Help De-Risk your Supply Chain and Enhance Forecasting
    • Driving Safety, Compliance and Consistency in the Supply Chain While Maintaining Visibility
    • Track & Trace Tools That Put Vital Supply Chain Information at Your Fingertips in Real Time
  • 1115 – 1130

    Refreshment & Networking Break

  • 1130 - 1215

    Retail SCM Leaders Panel

    • The Future of Retail Is Hybrid & Harmonized
    • How Retailers can Future-Proof Supply Chains
    • Robots, Retail & Revenue: How Automated Retail Can Transform Your Brand
    • Sustainable retail requires sustainable supply chains
    • Stay ahead of market trends with location analytics
  • 1215 - 1300

    E Commerce Delivery Leaders Panel

    • Leveraging Post + Parcel to Strengthen the Middle Mile
    • Achieving Routing Efficiency & Route Optimization for Cost Effective Deliveries
    • Best Practice in Delivery Allocation & Address Location for Enhancing Delivery Efficiencies
    • The Green Last Mile - sustainability through a fleet strategy
    • The Role of Consolidation in Reverse Logistics
  • 1300 - 1345

    Networking & Lunch Break

  • 1345 - 1430

    Fashion Logistics Leaders Panel

    • Holidays for the World & Peak Season for Fashion Retailers (holidays, sales, promotions)
    • Fast Fashion - Faster Collection Renewal Rates
    • Agility and Responsiveness in the Fashion Supply Chain 
    • Omni channel distribution strategies in Fashion & lifestyle Sector
    • Inventory Intelligence to Minimise Unsold and Returns
    • Effective Strategies to Reduce Apparel Supply Chain Lead Times and Increase Customer Retention
    • Overcome the Challenges of Apparel Ecommerce Logistics at Scale
    • How can Small Retailers work their "Free" Shipping strategy to compete with bigger players.
  • 1430 - 1515

    FMCG Supply Chain Leaders Panel

    • Maximise Efficiency, Minimise Costs! Driving Value & Productivity & Buffering Against Future Challenges With Cost-Effective Strategies For End-To-End FMCG, Food & Drink Supply Chains
    • Smart Strategies For Leveraging Forecasting Analytics, New Technologies & Big Data To Ensure Accurate Forecasting In Demand-Driven Food & Drink Supply Chains
    • Best-Practice in Inventory Planning To Reduce Stockholding & Availability Issues To Ensure You Meet Consumer Demands
    • Demand & Network Planning
    • Transparency, control and synchronisation across all manufacturing and supply chain operations, including production, procurement and material flows.
    • Boosting Supply Chain Performance by building truly Effective, Collaborative Retailer-Supplier Relationships In The Ever-Changing Food Retail Landscape
  • 1515 - 1600

    Pharma & Healthcare SCM Leaders Panel

    • Transformation of Life Sciences Supply Chains: The Emerging Imperatives
    • On Demand Supply Chain for Personalized Medicine
    • Optimizing the Clinical to Commercialization Supply Chain of a Drug
    • Can Serialization and Traceability Help Fix the Counterfeit Drug Problem Alone -- What Else is Needed
    • How Can You Use Advanced Planning and Data Analytics to Make More Informed and Proactive Demand and Supply Planning Decisions?
  • 1600 – 1615

    Networking & Refreshments

  • 1615 - 1700

    Temperature Controlled Logistics Leaders Panel

    • "Fresher than the FRESH" How this is revolutionizing the food industry through Cold Chain & what it takes to ensure the same across multiple nodes of Value Chain
    • Building a Robust Global Cold Chain Distribution for Pharma, Lifesciences & Vaccine Products
    • End-to-end temperature monitoring to maintain consignment integrity: technological and process considerations
    • Temperature controlled ecommerce delivery the emerging opportunities
    • The integrity of cold storage warehouses, and the associated liability.
    • Compliance with International transport refrigeration standards, codes and best practices
    • AI- and IoT-based solutions for cold chain
  • 1700 - 1745

    Project Logistics Leaders Panel

    • Will energy security drive the additional demand for project cargo
    • An overview of the fresh investments in Power, Oil & Gas, Wind, Solar and their impact on Project Cargo
    • Infrastructure Investments & impact on Project Logistics Sector
    • Creating Data Transparency and Visibility in the Project Supply Chain
    • Reducing transport cost in the era of container shortages and increasing fuel costs
    • Insurance and Risk Management in a Changing Project Cargo Market
    • What are the Shippers looking for in LSP’s post pandemic
  • 1745 - 1830

    Sustainability, Green Logistics & Net Zero Supply Chains Panel

    • Working strategically to decarbonise our supply chain
    • Disclose emissions and set science-based targets
    • Engaging suppliers' participation critical to achieve net zero
    • Reconfiguring the supply chain through digital transformation
    • EV’s for reduced carbon footprint
    • Energy transition in Warehouses
    • Reduce, Recycle & Reuse
    • Improve Stock Management & Reverse Logistics
    • Eco friendly procurement
  • 1815

    Closing remarks and End of Conference Day 2